No More Excuses

Wedding Information:

Pastor Tony counts it a blessing and a joy to officiate your ceremony. The information listed below are some of the things you should know in advance:

1. Any travel required outside the Prince William and Caroline county corridor will be charged .32 a mile.

2. A one-time charge of $25.00 for Drycleaning Robe for ceremony.

3. Must attend a free Biblical Marriage Counseling which will be 4 classes are mandatory. The first three classes are open to the public. The last session is private. The last session will be used to discuss any questions, review of Vows, and wedding details.

4. A wedding rehearsal with all participants is required at least one day before the wedding.

5. Pastor Tony will not perform marriages for different religions or interfaith couples.

6. If the wedding location is 75 miles then it is expected for hotel accommodations be made for the Pastor for the Rehearsal and the Wedding stay. This could be up to (2) two day hotel stay.

7. If the wedding location is 75 miles away per diem for (2) two days of meal.

8. Pastor Tony will not attend the reception; however, he will bless the food if it is part of your wedding plans.

9. Pastor Tony will not wear any special clothing. His attire will be his religious robe.

10. Pastor Tony has discretion on any changes to vows has to be approved.

11. Pastor Tony will not perform marriages for couples who are co-habitating

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